Color Your World — Wonderful

Not only does music soothe the savage beast, scientists have discovered that color has a similar effect. Color, and how it affects our feelings and our perception of the world around us, is so important that an entire field of science has been dedicated to it — color psychology. 

Color psychologists tell us that color affects virtually all of our senses, even going so far as to affect taste, and amazingly enough, even our perception of time.  However, it is important to note that these effects vary between genders, age groups and cultures.    

When it comes to real estate, any agent will tell you that exterior home color is second only to location when it comes to buying or selling a property. In fact, studies have shown that ideally located homes, which were painted “loud or obnoxious” colors, were hard to sell, even when prospective buyers were aware of the fact they could easily paint the home a more pleasing color.

Just as important were the room colors inside the home. Pleasing colors in the right amounts and mixtures can transform a cold dark living space into a warm inviting home.

Want to create a “come on in and sit down” atmosphere in your home? Learn which colors evoke which emotions, and customize each room into the mood of your choosing. 

The Psychology of Color

Color psychologists have labeled three categories of color:

Warm Colors include red, yellow and orange. Reds may evoke excitement, whereas yellows project energy, and oranges produce enthusiasm. Warm colors may evoke feelings ranging from peace and comfort to anger and hostility. 

Cool Colors include green, blue and purple. Greens evoke tranquility, while blue hues can produce feelings of sadness, and purples indicate royalty and wealth. These colors primarily have a calming effect but can also denote sadness or indifference. 

Neutral colors include black, white, gray, tans and browns. These include what are known as earth tones, which are considered to be conservative colors. Neutral colors in the right amounts produce feelings of security and safety. 

Use a pleasing mix of colors to create a unique mood and ambiance for each room of your home. When purchasing a home, look past the colors you see, and use your imagination to create the home you desire. When selling a home, an investment in the right colors of paint can go a long way in producing a quick sell.  

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